The WBEA’s
Community Odour
Monitoring Program

Teal cloud

The Community Odour Monitoring Program (COMP) allows residents to submit information about the odours they experience in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. On this site, you can see the information from the odour observations that have been submitted. You can also check the real-time data from the WBEA’s community air monitoring stations for the compounds that can cause odours.

To see all of the ambient air data the WBEA collects, please visit

  • Ammonia map iconAmmonia
  • Asphalt map iconAsphalt
  • Fecal map iconFecal
  • Fuel map iconFuel
  • Smoke map iconSmoke
  • Sulphur map iconSulphur
  • Other map iconOther
  • Community Station map iconCommunity Stations

Click on an odour type to show/hide observations